Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day Thoughts

I love sports. I love playing, watching, talking about, all of it. Yeah, there are more important things in life, but sports gives me a bit of relief from the everyday grind of life.

That guy, that's my dad... the original sewing machine guy. He became a father almost 43 years ago. He taught me and my brother how to throw, hit, catch, swing, tackle, cheer and cry. All the while working his ass off to make a living for our family. Sports were a big part of our life. They still are. Me and my Pops still turn on the radio and listen to a Tigers game while we work in our shop. Thanksgiving? Yup, the dreaded Lions rout is watched. Dad's in his 60's now, but we still enjoy a catch every now and then.

I tried to scrounge up an old picture of me and him.
Instead, I found the earliest known picture of me and baseball cards. From 1983. You're probably looking at a complete set of 83 Fleer or Donruss. The white edges give it away. Dad always knew what would bring out a sleepy smile on Christmas morning. Cards.

Thanks Dad. Thanks for being a great Dad.


  1. Awesome post and great early 80's picture.

    Looks a little lite Daniel Russo when he was 10 years old or so (Karate Kid....i'm sure you got the reference...but you never know).