Monday, May 10, 2010

Another 206 Framed Post

I am chipping away at this set. Eventually, it will come down to me and the Babe. So what if the relic in the card is a chip from Babes kitchen table or stadium bench... I don't care. It's a Babe relic of something old.
My newest additions; Jackie Robinson Bat chip (Piedmont version). Paid $24.95 with free shipping. Cole Hamels jersey swatch (Polar Bear Version) Paid $2.00 including shipping! That's right, TWO BUCKS! Check out this dudes listing, and tell me what's wrong with the title. Hanley Ramirez jersey swatch with pinstripe (Polar Bear version) Paid $6.14. already had the Piedmont Hanley, but the chance to upgrade to the Polar bear for 6 bucks had to be taken.

The 2009 206 Framed Relic checklist; (Reds are the ones I have)
FR-1 Alex Rodriguez
FR-2 Ryan Howard
FR-3 David Wright
FR-4 Albert Pujols
FR-5 Evan Longoria
FR-6 Chipper Jones
FR-7 Carlos Beltran
FR-8 Ichiro
FR-9 Hanley Ramirez
FR-10 Carl Crawford
FR-11 David Ortiz
FR-12 Nick Markakis
FR-13 Michael Young
FR-14 Hideki Matsui
FR-15 Ryan Braun
FR-16 Robinson Cano
FR-17 Miguel Tejada
FR-18 Phil Hughes
FR-19 Cole Hamels
FR-20 James Loney
FR-21 Brian McCann
FR-22 Ty Cobb
FR-23 Jimmie Foxx
FR-24 Babe Ruth
FR-25 Jackie Robinson

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