Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Pack of 81 Topps (oddball edition)

Watching Thorzul rip packs tonight gave me the itch. I have a big stash of unopened wax. Tonight, a cello pack of 1981 Topps. 28 Cards per pack. Did you catch that... TWENTY EIGHT CARDS! With gum.

The top card, Gordy Pladson. Pladson has a massive chaw in his mouth.
My middle school travel team had jerseys like these.

The rest of the pack was rather uneventful. A couple of all-stars, but no Hall of Famers.

Check out the Pete Redfern. It's Gene Wilder's doppleganger.

Bo Diaz was killed when a satellite dish fell on him. Really.

Bill Lee, crazy.

Bobby Brown, crack.

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  1. i think gordy pladson grew up to be kevin tapani. or chevy chase.