Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Heard it Through the Grapevine

CCC and I are trying our hands at group breaks. We thought we had a 'deal' on some wax boxes. As the day to order drew near, CCC checked with Atlanta Sports Cards. The agreed upon price was null and void. After we gave them some free mentions and good words, they jacked up the price on us. Fine.

For the past two days, I have been researching wax boxes of baseball cards for our planned June break. I am looking for sets that will appeal to fans of all Major League teams. The search has been challenging.

I have won a few auctions for wax boxes from a guy on eBay. He has a store and offers good deals most of the time. I contacted him by phone today. My goal was to see if I could strike a 'deal' for some boxes of 2010 National Chicle Baseball. What he told me was somewhat shocking. Maybe I am naive.

He said, "The prices for baseball products are going up. The demand is higher than the supply of desirable product. With no Upper Deck and lame Panini offerings, the prices of baseball cards has gone up, and I foresee the upward trend in prices to continue. We only have about one new release a month now. If you find a good price on baseball, you better buy now. In fact, I am looking more to buy right now than sell.".

First thought; the guy wants to sell me some wax, and wants to sell it now. Second thought; what if he is telling the truth here? I guess we will see how things work themselves out this year and beyond. The loss of a MLB license by UD is tragic for collectors. We won't know the full impact for years.



  2. Its been a nightmare out there. Somehow I can sympathize with your tale of woe.