Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Fine Print

Continuing with my morning quickie theme from yesterday.
The last pack of 2009 Allen & Ginter's yielded only 5 cards. That's a good thing. The fine print tells me why.
(Tangent Alert!)
I love opening packs of cards. There is something about it that reminds me of my childhood. Schwartz, my brother, and I would ride our bikes to Remes Drug Store.
Remes was in the strip mall behind our neighborhood.
Along with a grocery store and a laundromat. The lady at the laundromat
didn't like us too much, because we monopolized their Donkey Kong machine.
Anyway, back to ripping packs open. We would pack search first. The cards
sometimes came in cello wrapping which made it easy to see the top and bottom card. We had time. We searched. There was no shame in pack searching. We sat on the floor and searched. We sat on the sidewalk and opened the packs. A quick side note; All of the tobacco was out on the sales floor. Not behind the counter. (Disclaimer; Kids, don't try this. You will get in big trouble.) We would shoplift chewing tobacco. Rod Carew chewed, and had that big puffy chew-cheek, and we wanted to chew too. Maybe we would hit like him if we did. We had a stash of the stuff in our fort. We would grab a pouch of the stuff on our way to Reynolds' house and pinch in a chunk while we played wiffle ball. Chew burned the side of my mouth.
Back to my Blaster. The final pack gave me a framed road grey jersey card of Miguel Cabrera. That's akin to opening a pack of 1980 Topps and pulling a Carew, a Yaz or Rose. I also got a future Hall-of-Famer, and a mini symbol for a number.
So remember, don't steal, and read the fine print.

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