Saturday, April 10, 2010

Card Show Review

I stopped by a card show today. The show was held at CenterPointe Mall. Hosted by Legends Sports and Games. There were probably 30 or so tables set up. Most of the usual suspects were there. Like that guy in the Astro's jersey, Howard. He is a real nice guy. When I set up a table at a show last December, he was next to me.

Legends hosts these shows throughout the year. My only beef with their shows... no wax sales. They have a store in the mall and they don't want competition or something. I refuse to shop at their store. They have this stupid "Membership" thing. All of their crap is priced twice. Once at a regular price and again with a special "Members" price. Membership is cheap, 10 bucks a year or something. The problem is their prices. Way way too high. Even the members special pricing is higher than everyone else in town. Additionally, if you try to negotiate a price with them, they are dicks. The owners/managers have been in our town since I was a kid. They think their crap doesn't smell.

Enough of that. Onto my take.

First, I grabbed this 2009 Topps 206 Piedmont framed relic. One can't go wrong with Prince Albert. I am really falling in love with these 206's. The dealer had it originally marked at $25. Then had crossed that off and had $15 marked on it. I got it for $10.

Then, I turned my attentions to the 1979 Topps that I need. A guy had this Ozzie rookie marked at 60 bucks. It is mis-cut and has soft corners. I got it for 20 bucks. The other ones I got out of a 6 for $5 box.
Lastly, I happened upon a shoebox marked $1 each. I found 6 Kellogg's cards. They are all kind of beat up, but I didn't have them, so I bit.


  1. Enjoyed the review. Where is CenterPointe mall?