Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do You have a Secret Stash?

Occassionally, I have to run out to Meijer or Target during work. I am such a pack addict, that I can not go to one of those places without stopping by the card aisle. A few days ago, I totally impulsed one of those new Sage Football boxes. The one that guarantees 2 Auto's per box and 20 packs of cards. I had some returnable slips to cash in, so my investment in the blaster was something like $11 bucks. (Quick sidenote; These blasters are shit. The cards are cheap shit feeling. You get tons of doubles.) Back to my original thought. I open a pack here or there throughout the days and accumulate a stack that I 'hide' at my desk. Why are they not at home with the rest of my collection? Is there AA for card-aholics?


  1. Haha, yeah, I have a 'stash'. It's filled with crap from the $1.59 box from Target, like 08 Bowman (I should check for Heywards!) and old Topps Chrome. Good stuff, kinda.

    And you're right, why don't I just bring them home???

  2. Hi, I'm Brian and I'm a cardaholic. I might have a few cards at work.