Saturday, March 13, 2010

Topps 206...Building it.

After buying a few rack packs and a few hobby packs of 2010 Heritage. I am left underwhelmed. It's a boring set. Plain and simple, boring. Building it would take a lot of effort (500 cards with 75 short prints). Not gonna do it.

Today, I was at Target. We all know what that means. I almost grabbed more Heritage, but instead, grabbed a blaster of 206. After the 2 pack rip I had of this stuff the other night, I have rekindled a little something for these beauties. I took the contents of the blaster, and the little box I had from last Fall, and low and behold, I ain't too far from completing the thing. 350 cards or something like that is do-able. I am such a sucker for throwback sets. The cardboard feel does it for me.


  1. I've got a large stack of these that are dupes. When I get back from vacation, I'll check it against your list.

  2. I think I havew a lot of what your looking for. This is Grant from oldschoolpackbuster. my blog does't get a lot of traffic but I'm always on I am joe collector, Mojo & beardys blog ETC.. If you check around anyone Iv'e sent cards to will tell you I'm a generuos trader and don't expect a lot in return Iv'e traded with Beardy,Jeff, and just sent out cards randomly to a lot of my fellow bloggers. Anyway I have some doubles of the NNO SP'S variations whatever they are including the Mantle and a lot others Rookies ETC.. Tons of the Bronze copper paralells Mini's on and on. Funny I bought 2 hobby boxes and the best auto I pulled ended up coming from 1 blaster the Howard NFA-11 Auto! My luck,LOL.Did pull some nice stuff out of the hobby boxes though a gold babe ruth mini chrome /50 the SP'S a lot of Polar mini's and a few Cycles/old mills let me know if you wnt me to gather some up and get back to you. Here's my email if your list of crds needed has changed. Grant