Sunday, March 14, 2010

My fantasy baseball team revealed.

I had my 2010 Yahoo fantasy baseball draft last night. I am in an 8 team keeper league. We can only keep 3 players, 2 position players, and one pitcher. Can't keep a position player more than 2 years in a row, and have to give up the pitcher each year. It's a good way to do it. Otherwise, Pujols would never be available. The following are my draft results. The first 3 players were my keepers from last season. Incidentally, I finished dead last, eighth out of eight. It was brutal. So, after the first three guys, Tex, Granderson, and Billingsley, it was a 'normal' snaking draft. I had the first overall pick of the remaining players. I took Braun. Lincecum was there, but I usually draft hitting heavily.

(8) Mark Teixeira
(9) Curtis Granderson
(24) Chad Billingsley
(25) Ryan Braun
(40) Pablo Sandoval
(41) Ben Zobrist
(56) Dan Haren
(57) Adam Lind
(72) Joey Votto
(73) Jonathan Papelbon
(88) Matt Cain
(89) Carlos González
(104) Jason Bartlett
(105) Rafael Soriano
(120) Kurt Suzuki
(121) Miguel Montero
(136) Hunter Pence
(137) Stephen Strasburg
(152) Magglio Ordóñez
(153) Jeff Niemann
(168) Randy Wolf
(169) Jonathan Sánchez
(184) Kevin Correia
(185) Alexei Ramírez
(200) Martín Prado
(201) Ryan Doumit

A few observations. Sandoval, Zobrist, and Lind had break-out seasons last year. I am banking on them to repeat those performances. In the 9th round, just sitting there, was Joey Votto. My first thought was, "is he hurt or something?". Nope, he is fine, so I snagged him. Great value. In the 12th, I reached for Carlos Gonzalez. I really like the guys skills and the home park he's in, Coors. My thinking on catchers is pretty simple. There is MAuer, then everyone else. Guys were taking Mcann and Vmart in the early rounds. I waited until late and grabbed, Suzuki, Montero, and Doumit. By seasons end, I predict they have similar numbers to those earlier round picks. The guy that could be the biggest steal of the draft is Magglio Ordonez. He had a terrible fantasy season last year. However, he had a scorching second half and early reports are he is hitting again with power. Batting third in the Tigers line-up, ahead of Miggy, is a plus. If he does not pan out, I only watsed a 19th round pick. I like my upside here. My pitching is a huge question mark. I have Billingsley, Haren, Cain, Niemann, Wolf, Sanchez, Strasburg, and Correia (who I already dumped for Rodney). My closers are Pap, Soriano, and Rodney.


  1. I guess I'd have to see the other teams to really know how well you did, but you have a lot of really good players in the beginning of their prime so that's great. A lot of durable players too.

  2. You're good to go with Pablo. As a Giants fan I'll even give you free insurance:

    At least .300 BA 25 HR & 90 RBI or I'll buy you a pack of cards.