Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Slabbed means an extra $900?

I think grading has a place in the hobby. Just not in this case.

I have been working on a set of autographed 2008 Goudey cards for a year and a half now. The main card from the set that has eluded me is the Derek Jeter. The Jeter was a redemption, and as one, has been rarely seen on eBay. The ones that have popped up over the last year have gone for prices way above my pay grade. Usually around $250 to $300.

Just this month, 2 different Jeter auto's have hit eBay. First, a non-graded card from a seller with 200-and-something feedbacks and 100% rating. The card sold for $323.88. You can see the auction here. The second is currently listed (shown) and available as a Buy-it-Now/Best Offer type deal. As you can see in the image, the card is graded by Beckett at a 9.5. You can see the listing here.

My problem is not with the dude asking $1200 for the card. More power to ya pal. My problem is the perception that encasing it in plastic and giving it a number grade somehow increases the value of a card 4 times. Grading a 2 year old card is stupid. Period.

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  1. Yeah, unless it's a rookie of someone guaranteed to be the next sports messiah... Grading should be delegated to 10+ year old product, heh.