Thursday, February 11, 2010

Matt Cain Redemption Hits Home

I had a yellow envelope awaiting my arrival home from work tonight.

Return address was from TRISTAR.

Enclosed was the Matt Cain autographed relic card from the 2009 Ticket to Stardom set. Serial numbered 376/489. (quick thought; why are cards numbered to 4billion redemptions?) I was not a big fan of this set and am not collecting it. I'm also not a Giants fan.

I would rather trade it to a Giants fan or one of you guys that collects arms. Hit me with trade proposals. I collect Tigers.


  1. That's a nice card, he's a good young stud. Don't trade it unless it's a good deal man!

  2. I agree... Matt Cain is the man! He's overshadowed by The Freak, but this guy is the real deal.