Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stop calling me Singl-io.

According to long time Detroit News Beat writer, Tom Gage, Magglio Ordonez is happy and ready for a bounce back season. A snip-it from the article:

"What I've liked most about the Tigers' caravan this year is Ordonez's demeanor. Nothing's troubling him.

There will be no World Baseball Classic at which his countrymen will boo him.

Hopefully, his wife has cleared all her health hurdles.

And despite another vesting clause in his contract for 2011, it takes place many months from now -- perhaps many productive months from now.

In any case, Ordonez appears to be at peace again. He seems happy again. He's smiling a lot again. His short haircut makes him look younger than the 36 he will turn next Thursday.

He has been riding his mountain bike. He looks to be in shape. And whatever concerns troubled him last year appear to be over.

But does that translate into a good season? When combined with talent it does."

I have been critical of Magglio and his monster contract and loss of power. For 16 million a year, I was expecting numbers similar to his 2007 campaign; .363, 28HR, 54D, 139RBI. What we got last season was a slap hitter. This 2009 OPC Mags shows his slap hitting to right style perfectly.
If Cabrera has a clear head, and Magglio bounces back, we (Tigers fans) could be in for a fun 2010 season.

Full Detroit News article can be found here.

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  1. I like the Tigers this year, but then again I liked them last year.