Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am leery, but why?

This eBay store is chock full of thousands of autographed cards. Dude has one I would like. He's not asking an arm and a leg for it. For some reason, I have not pulled the trigger on my PayPal gun. Maybe my apprehension stems from ScamWatch. How can someone amass thousands of these cards?


  1. My guess, assuming these are real, is that he's an autograph hound who shows up early at the gates before minor league games with binders full of cards to get autographed.

    I used to work in minor league baseball and there were 4 or 5 guys like this who'd come by at the beginning of every homestand and get seek TONS of autographs of anyone and everyone who'd sign. And they wouldn't get just one, either, they'd try to get each player to sign pages worth of cards. Silly, but those types are out there!

  2. My beef with this is that b/c of those dudes a lot of players won't sign for ANYONE, and I can't say I blame them.

    I didn't work at a park like PP, but one of my favorite activities at minor league parks has always been to get there right when the gates open to have a (few) beers, taking in bp, relax, and watch the park fill up. Pretty much the ONLY other folks there would be those dudes, standing in line waiting to get in, with DUFFLE BAGS full of binders that contained some man-sized bippings of each and every player. And yes, once inside any player gracious enough to sign ONE card would be asked to sign THOUSANDS for them. Not cool.

  3. Unless the player is deceased or a superstar who is probably overwhelmed with requests, I'd try a TTM before I'd buy an autographed card online.