Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seems Like a Good day to Pile On.

I am not a big politics guy. As long as we as a country are safe from terrorists, not getting over-run with illegals, and my family has a roof over our head and 3 squares, I am pretty happy.
Although I didn't vote for Obama, a lot of people did. I figured a guy with so little experience would have a rough go at running the country. Especially with the debacle the economy was in when he took over. Since Bush and his cronies increased spending like no other administration ever, I was hopeful Obama would fix things. How could it get worse?
It's been one year, and I know things can't turn around overnight, but this regime is shaping up to be a failure in my eyes.
I stumbled upon this article by Mort Zuckerman. It lays out the story of Obama's first year pretty well.


  1. yeah, viewing it as an outsider from the Great White North, it's pretty obvious that he was not the solution, nor does his next three years show any promise whatsoever.
    I wonder how all of the celebrities feel who campaigned door to door for him feel now?

  2. That article is quite a over reaction to one senate race. While I wished things were going a more progressive route, as bad as it may seem it is a huge improvement from his predacesor. Will see how things go, Clinton's first 2 years were equally as bad then he changed things for the better.

  3. Seriously? One article that bashes Obama, but is light on constructive solutions and you view Obama as a failure?

    Heck, you are critical of Bush's spending, yet the article says Obama should have spent more money, more quickly.

    As for illegals, remember the first "Americans" were illegals on the Native Americans land, as were the first "Australians" on the Aborigines land. Remember, Illegals are people just like you and me looking for a better life, and as such should be welcomed and treated with dignity and repsect,not demonised.

    Heck, I'm sure there are some Iraqi's who didn't like having their country overrun by American "illegals".

  4. You're really asking for it now :) Just the mere mention of Obama, and anything that can even be partially perceived as criticism (you are not being subtle) is going to set off a shitstorm of comments.

    He was dealt a shit hand, and has tried to make the most of it, but I have to agree that not enough has been done to turn things around. Not to mention he campaigned on a platform of change, and has yet to do anything different or radical.

    The fact that you voted for McCain really tells us all we need to know. If he were elected, Earth would be a smoldering ball of ash by now.

    The real issue here is who runs things? If you think it's Obama, that's laughable. This country is run by industry and rich men. If there isn't a buck to be made, or a citizen to be swindled, our government isn't interested.

  5. Hey Guys, a couple of quick thoughts before I head out the door to earn taxes for the government.
    I vote for the candidate that most closely thinks the way I do, and in the 08 race, it was not Barack.
    I am just as likely to catch an episode Countdown as I am to listen to an hour of Rush. I take it all in.
    I am all for people of the world coming to America...legally.
    That's it for now. Peace.

  6. I saw this earlier and sort of wanted to post, but probably a bad idea. I watch Jon Stewart for news, Glenn Beck for laughs (occasionally tears of sadness), and one of my closest friends is illegally living in this country. So I will not get into politics with you lol.

  7. Never use the present as a point of reference. Just like with most anything, and according to Enya, the thing that fixes anything...

    Only Time

    Enya Reference Booyaa!

  8. Join your local Free Mason chapter!!

    Become a part of the New World Order!!


  9. Beardy

    McCain was elected. He just goes by Obama.