Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dollar Store has Cards

After church today, me and the wife hit the Dollar Store for a few things. I spotted about 7 gravity feed single pack dispensers. They had 2 Donini football dispensers, and 1 UD football dispenser. Both had been emptied and felt up. I decided to grab a pack of Lord of the Rings cards. 11 cards per pack. These cards are actually part of a Pokemon type game.
I really enjoyed this series of movies. The cards, not so much.

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  1. The Pokemon type card games I usually call CCG (Collectible Card Games) Many of them if played are similar to Magic The Gathering. I have never played any of them but have collected some of the cards from some of the series. I don't really actively pursue them as each series tends to start off with a couple hundred base cards, then they add cards to it with extra "Booster packs" till the thing gets ridiculous. I have some from the Star Trek CCG, which started out with just using the Next Generation, but quickly started using all the other shows. Doctor Who, Hercules & Xena and a fantasy one called Hyborian Gates.