Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Fine Print

In my quest to complete the 2008 Goudey Graphs Set, I regularly check eBay for the 3 cards I need (Jeter, Fred Lynn, and Billingsley). Occasionally, I run across an autographed card that's not part of the Official UD Set. If the price is right, I grab it.
I just got a package with 2 new additions to my collection. Both auctions described a "CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY" that would accompany each card. Great! The auto's are legit...or are they? (Damn you Gellman, I am paranoid now, in a good way). The COA's that arrived with each card have the words, "...authentic to the best of our knowledge...". Really? To the best of my knowledge could apply to so many things. Me, "is that my whole order?" Gap tooth at McD's, "to the best of my knowledge sir". "Honey, did you pay the water bill last month?". "To the best of my knowledge I did." It's a glorious way to not totally commit. Who can argue with your knowledge?
I'm going to assume they're real. Compared to other "Certified" auto's they are close. Maybe I will have an authenticator look at them some day.

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