Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Blaster Review

2010 Topps baseball card blaster box from Target in Jenison, Michigan. Price; $19.99.

Each box comes with 10 packs and one Fake Commemorative Patch Card. I got Doc.

The base cards are 99% in game action shots, which I like. Smoltz in a uni other than a Braves uni is wrong. I got one serial numbered card, Frank Francisco (#994/2010).

My biggest beef with this set is the amount of inserts. Turkey Red, Cards My Mom Chucked Out, ToppsTown, Tales of the Game, Peak Performance, When They Were Young, Throwback Parallel, Legendary Lineage, History of the Game, yada yada. Not pictured, but equally as annoying, the Topps Attax and Million Card Giveaway crap promo cards. I think the Cards My Mom Chucked Out set is a really cool idea. I got 1987 Bo Jackson, 1954 Banks, and 1980 Rickey. I am a big Turkey Red fan, so getting a few of those does not suck. There are just way too many other cards to deal with. I would rather have more base cards.

I will probably wait for these to go on sale before I get more. When does Heritage come out?

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