Sunday, December 13, 2009

A sheet of ice and 2 metal blades.

Living in Michigan my whole life, most people assume I snow ski, ice skate, own 2 snowmobiles, and live in an igloo half the year. Wrong. For whatever reason, (probably the sub-zero temps) I gravitated to the indoor sports for my winters activities.

Today, I visited a public ice rink in downtown Grand Rapids. I laced up a pair of rentals, and took some laps. I have a new appreciation for the players in the NHL. I had a bunch of families skating around me, not men with hockey sticks. As I wobbled around the rink just hoping to not bust an elbow in a fall, I thought of the skill involved in hockey.

I offer to you two of my favorite Red Wings. 1992 Stadium Club Steve Yzerman and 1993/94 Fleer Ultra Dino Ciccarelli. I had to select a card of Ciccarelli camped out in front of the net. That's where he made his living.

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  1. The Pedigrew is for trade email me at I also have several other Tiger cards you may be interested in.

    Jay ( themojohand)