Sunday, December 13, 2009

Before I die...

When a GM butchers 8 drafts, the results are disastrous. From 2001 thru 2008, Matt Millen oversaw the drafts for the Detroit Lions. His drafted players should make up the core of this team. His complete and utter incompetence has left my team in shambles. Millen's record as Gm, 31-84.

The Lions were destroyed 48-3 today by the Ravens. The lack of talent on this team is incredible. Today saw another player, Kevin Smith, leave the game with a blown knee. 2 weeks ago, promising rookie TE, Brandon Pettigrew, blew out a knee. Injuries happen in the league. The problem with the Lions is they have no depth.

I want to be cheering on my team in December again. And maybe in January. And maybe in February for a Super Bowl. Just maybe before I die.


  1. Well, you got the no depth but I also wonder about the correlation between catastrophic injury and overall team crappiness. One would assume, for example, that a running back no matter how good is more likely to get mauled behind an inferior offensive line than not. You wonder about guys like Harrington---would they have been ay least decent if given a legit opportunity?

  2. a Lions fan eh?

    My condolences. You can't blame Millen for all of your troubles. Blame William Ford. He's the one who refused to listen to anyone and kept Millen around.

    Winning starts at the top. So does Losing.