Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now, THATS!, a pack of cards.

As a kid, I would occasionally raid my dad's change jar, I would head off to the pharmacy behind the neighborhood.

I liked the cello packs because you could see at least 2 of the cards you were getting. 28 Picture cards with 1 stick of gum. Back in the day, this pack could keep me happy for a couple of hours. 28 freakin cards for .49c! And gum!

The Topps 1981 baseball set is another monster, 726 cards. A very famous design, the cap card, the hat card, whatever you call it, most either love it or hate it. I usually like simple designs, but this is lame. Lots of bright colors, bright hats.

After ripping this 28 year old pack open, a trend emerged. Many cards from this set have a head-shot. Boring!. The reason why this Clint Hurdle card is so sweet, the action shot. Same for the Honeycutt (isn't he still in someones bullpen?). Camp looks like he belongs in an episode of Dukes of Hazzard. (hold on a second...the back of his card states that he is from Trion, GA.!)

The Results; 7 era leader, 25 Lezcano, 33 Honeycutt, 34 Aurelio Rodriguez, 36 Win Remmerswaal, 58 Joel Youngblood, 87 Rick Camp, 98 Hurdle, 108 Bruce Benedict, 122 John Denny, 177 Rick Peters, 216 J.H. Johnson, 217 Hebner, 266 Herr, 304 Castino, 325 Knoght, 349 Hoffman, 424 Yanks Future Stars, 429 Kelleher, 462 Brohamer, 450 Kingman, 519 Tamargo, 534 Dave Smith, 582 Gaylord, 609 McGlothen, 615 Dempsey, 663 Angels Team, 702 Medich, 710 LeFlore
This set could use a lot more action shots. Like these two of Benedict and Kelleher.

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  1. Action shots were very sporadic for Topps until 1983.