Saturday, September 18, 2021


Hey gang. This morning I attended my first card show in forever. I took my 10 year old grandson.
There were probably 50some tables. Vintage, new, boxes, memorabilia,  autographed stuff. Lots of it.
One thing struck me. Basketball cards have really taken off! I saw insane prices on cards of guys I have never heard of. I don't follow the NBA much these days. The Pistons stink and the league is rigged. I'm in the minority. 
It was fun seeing so many people enjoying the hobby. My grandson found some great cards. 
He's a Seahawks fan, thankfully. Being a Lions fan is a miserable experience mostly.
The hobby is alive and well.

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  1. Probably been 15 years since I've been to an actual show, fond memories though. Glad to see he enjoyed it.