Thursday, January 19, 2012

When We Get Old

I scooped up a couple 2008 UD Masterpieces Al Kaline parallels recently.
 The green /75 and brown /100.
On an unrelated note; I won't be hooping, working out, walking normally, or any other activity that requires two good ankles.
That's my left ankle. The sewingmachinegal said, "kinda looks like a zombie ankle".
The sewingmachinekid said, "looks like you met that lady from Misery".
This happened Monday night. I am still on crutches. Today, the foot and ankle are very discolored. Greenish, purple and blue shades. Very swollen, and gross looking.
The doc says there's no fracture, just a severe sprain. "You can resume running, jumping, and cutting in 4-6 weeks".
This is the third major injury I have sustained playing hoops in the last three years. Broken ribs. Torn calf muscle. Now this.
I gotta think about what I'm trying to put this 44 year old body through.


  1. Ouch! That looks rough. Sewingmachingkid hit it out of the park with that line.

    I had a shattered wrist a few years ago & it definitely sucked. Time will heal this up. Just take it easy.

  2. Ow. I was looking at some drawing anatomy lessons last night and I didn't see any ankle that looked like that.

    Even so, don't let your body tell you what do to! Keep playing hoops! You might end up playing wheelchair basketball, but do it!

  3. OUCH! Sorry to hear that this happened! You'll be all healed up for spring time!