Monday, January 16, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To This Post

I've been wanting to do a big 2010 Topps Magic Relics post for quite a while. Now that I am down to needing only ONE CARD, I thought the time was appropriate. 

So there you have it, 65 of the 72 cards I have.
"But smg, hwhy not show off all 72?"
I'll tell ya hwhy! I can't find the 7 other cards. That's right, I have misplaced Jones-Drew, Urlacher, Greg Olsen, Eddie Royal, Vern Davis, Vincent Jackson, and Rolando McClain.
I keep the set in magnetic protectors and then in a wooden box. No shoe box for these cards. I've spent too much time on them. So where in the heck are they? I gave myself a head ache last night looking for them.
OK, I admit it, the card cave is a bit of a mess currently, so searching the dozens of little piles here and there is a pain. It looks like I will now have to dig into random common boxes to find the missing members. They're not in my auto/gu box. I've looked five times. I am going crazy. I lost sleep last night trying to think about where they are.
I didn't eBay them. Or did I? F! I am starting to think crazy thoughts.
I didn't trade them or give them away. Or did I. Stop it! You're over-thinking it. Now I'm talking to myself.
I gotta go to the gym to get my mind off this perplexing situation.
Maybe they'll appear on a random shelf somewhere after I get back.
You ever misplace important cards? I hope not...


  1. Oh no! Good luck finding them!

    I did this in a different way once. Thorzul needed one card to complete a set. I knew I had it at my parent's house and told him 2 or 3 months prior that I was gonna go get it over Christmas. He said cool, thanks.

    I went home, found it in 2 seconds, and then hung out with my family for a week. At the end of the week I looked at my bedside dresser...and the card wasn't there. I then proceeded to tear apart my room, inch by inch...nowhere. Checked my brother's rooms, living room, family room, kitchen, even bathrooms...nothing. Card was freaking gone!

    Got back to Indiana...apologized to thorzul (it was like a $.05 card btw), he said w/e. I then bought the card online and sent it to him hahahaha.

    Still to this day I have no idea where that card went.

  2. My collection is a mess but I haven't gotten into a situation where I've been searching for a particular card. I did misplace my signed Blackhawks program cover (with Mikita and Hull)for like 20 years and just found it recently. Good luck.

  3. I feel your pain - all that work, you ready to sit down and enjoy the set as a complete unit - and its not complete.

    I hope you find the MIA cards - in the mean time I will not will sit better knowing that my Dez, at least temporarily, is not the only card keeping you from enjoying the complete set.

    Thanks for the scans - nice to see some of the cards I also am chasing.