Saturday, May 7, 2011

Verlander Pitches a Second NO NO!

The Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander pitched his second career no-hitter. Verlander faced only 28 batters today. J.P. Arencibia drew a 12 pitch walk in the 8th inning.
Verlander reminds me of Jack Morris. He is a determined competitor. J.V. has his critics, but I love having him atop our rotation. Yes, OUR rotation.

The final out recorded in my living room!


  1. "JV has his critics. Those people know nothing about baseball and therefore root ardently for the Yankees."

    If he's Jack Morris 2.0 we're in for a World Series before it's all said and done (and maybe Kirk Gibson will be managing!)

  2. congrats! you know this will just drive up the price of his cards, right? *goes back to look at Liriano eBay items*