Thursday, May 5, 2011

Set Collecting

I like to collect sets. I have a quite a few complete sets; 2008 UD Goudey, 1989 , 1990, 1991 Topps, 1989 Upper Deck, 1989 Score Football, 2009 T-206, and a few others.
I also like to collect parts of sets. I completed the 2008 Goudey Graphs set (55 on-card auto's), the 2009 206 framed Relics set (25 cards), the 2010 Topps 2020, to name a few.
My current mini-set collecting goals are the 2006 UD Artifacts Auto-Facts Signatures set (89 cards), the 2010 Topps Magic Game-Used Jersey set (68 cards all #'d /25), and the 2005 UD Origins Authentic Memorabilia (42 cards). 
I am oh so close to knocking out the 2006 Artifacts Auto-facts set. Today, I got this Magglio (#74/437) in the mail. It popped up on eBay last week, and I won it for $20.30 and that included the Chad Cordero auto/relic #10/30 from a different Artifacts set of the same year. That leaves only two of the 89 cards... Dontrelle and Chris Duffy. I am beginning to wonder about the Duffy. Thanks to the Daily Dimwit for finding a checklist at UD, according to the checklist for this set, there is a Duffy. I have never seen a Duffy, or any mention of an auto'd Duffy anywhere in my searches of the interwebs. 


  1. Here's a checklist of the 2006 Artifacts...

    Looks like Duffy is listed on that site.

  2. @the dw ~ Nice! I don't know how you unearthed it, but thanks.
    Chris Duffy? Seems like one of those that there would be a million of out there. I've never seen one.

  3. Isn't the Duffy #'d to 5 or something ridiculous like that?

  4. Upper Deck has all their checklists online, divided by sport here:

    In case you're looking for other set info. That's where I've gone for all my set research regarding UD products.

    I can't find any Duffy autos from that set anywhere either... don't know if it was an extreme short print or if it was originally supposed to be in there and got excluded. Seems odd that there are zero out there, even in completed eBay listings or on check out my cards.

  5. ...Joe is correct, it's ridiculously low print run, only 5 out there. Found it on

    That may be your white whale... good luck tracking one of those down!!!!

  6. Chris Fucking Duffy. That's insane dude...I'll keep my eyes open for it and pick it up if I ever see it. Good luck!

  7. Good News, Bad News - I tried searching the Sports Card Forum for the Duffy card before going to bed just now. Good News - I found a guy who had the Duffy listed - post is here -

    Bad News - he hasn't been on the site in like 8 months. I messaged him anyways with the hope that he'll still have his message notifications turned on. Will keep you updated if anything happens!

  8. i am getting back into "Set Building". i was wondering how you are storing/displaying your complete sets? im going with sheets/binders

  9. Fellas ~ Thanks 'sew' much for the info. I had no idea the Duffy was so rare. The Rickie Weeks is numbered to 91, and I thought that was low!
    As for how I display stuff, I have a few of those 20-card holders that you get at the craft stores. The rest of it is in good 'ol binders.