Friday, April 23, 2010

CCC & SMG June 2010 Group Break

We will be breaking 5 boxes of 2008 UD SP Legendary Cuts baseball, a retail box of UD Series 2, and a box of 2009 Bowman Chrome. These boxes have the possibility of offering up some gigantic hits. You can see set information here.
If we happen to pull a non-baseball legend, we will random it off. Multi-player cards will be randomed off between the teams represented on the card.
If you participated in our May break, you get first crack at your team for the June break. CLAIM YOUR TEAM BY MAY 7th. After that, I will open up all the remaining unclaimed teams to the public.

PRICING STRUCTURE: This set is heavy on the Legends from older MLB franchises. So, we have broken it down into 2 levels.
Teams older than 1961 will cost $23.00 (covers s&h, and supplies)
Baltimore Orioles 1901 (Ryan ~ Paid)
Boston Red Sox 1901
(Adam ~ Paid)
New York Yankees 1901 (Sooz ~ Paid)
Chicago White Sox 1901 (David ~ Paid)
Cleveland Indians 1901
(Dan ~ Paid)
Detroit Tigers 1901
(Sewingmachineguy ~ Paid)
Minnesota Twins 1901 (Stephane ~ Paid)
Oakland Athletics 1901 (Daniel ~ Paid)
Atlanta Braves 1871 (Aaron & Dennis ~ Paid)
Philadelphia Phillies 1883
(ArfMax ~ Paid)
Chicago Cubs 1870 (Brian ~ Paid)
Cincinnati Reds 1890
(Dean ~ Paid)
Pittsburgh Pirates 1882 (Dean ~ Paid)
St. Louis Cardinals 1882
(Ike & Tony ~ Paid)
Los Angeles Dodgers 1890
(GCRL ~ Paid)
San Francisco Giants 1883
(Peterson ~ Paid)
Teams newer than 1961 will cost $10.00 (covers s&h, and supplies)
Tampa Bay Rays 1998 (CarlCrawfordCards ~ Paid)
Toronto Blue Jays 1977 (Dennis ~ Paid)
Kansas City Royals 1969 (Nick ~ Paid)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1961 (Peterson ~ Paid)
Seattle Mariners 1977
(Peterson ~ Paid)
Texas Rangers 1961
(Brian ~ Paid)
Florida Marlins 1993 (Chuck/HamRam ~ Paid)
New York Mets 1962
(BA Benny ~ Paid)
Washington Nationals/Expos 1969
(Stephane ~ Paid)
Houston Astros 1962 (Jason ~ Paid)

Milwaukee Brewers 1969
(Ed ~Paid)
Arizona Diamondbacks 1998 (Bruce)
Colorado Rockies 1993 (Ryan ~ Paid)

San Diego Padres 1969 (BA Benny ~ Paid)
We are shopping with DA CardWorld for wax, because the fellas at Atlanta Cards dicked us, and jacked up the cost on our boxes for the May break.


  1. Mind if I grab the Cubs if they become available?

  2. Am I allowed to claim the Yankees this time since there's no name by it (for a change of pace)?

  3. I am interested in the Orioles as well

  4. The breakers from our May break have dibs on the teams they had for that break. Any unpaid/unclaimed teams after May 14th will be open for anyone. keep an eye on this break May 14th.

  5. i'm in for the dodgers. i will pay this week. thanks.

  6. yankees pleaze. then Giants...paypal ready.

  7. lol at the last part of the post.

    I'm back in for the Yankees. Whose email address am I sending this to?


  8. I'm still down for the Marlins, but I'll hedge my bets with the Pirates...assuming they're available May15...if they are, sign me up.

  9. I'll take the Angels and Mariners for 10 each (already have giants)off your hands to get this rollin' make my total's on its way when I get home from work.

  10. Hey, since the Astros are available, can I switch to them for this break instead of the Rockies?

  11. Who should the payment go to?


  12. @arfmax send paypal to me this time. sewingmachineguy at gmail dot com.

  13. I'll take the Royals. Paypal on the way.