Monday, January 9, 2012

3 New Costume Cards

I was able to procure (I thought I would use a formal word here instead of my usual 'snag' or 'nab') three more 1892 Singer Sewing Costumes Of All Nations cards. This brings my set to a total of 37 cards. it is my belief that I need two more to complete the set, Wales and Irish (Londonderry). The card of Norway has a special place in my heart. My Fraternal Grandmother was of Norwegian descent. A tid-bit on the back of the card claims the people to be "hardy and intelligent". I like that.   

The Neapolitan card is in pretty bad shape. There's a tiny chunk missing from the bottom edge, and the back has surface tears that look like the card was glued or taped into a photo album. I'm not going for a mint set, so this will do.
 I am still just amazed at the incredible colors in these lithographs.


  1. Still super. I never mentioned it but my maternal grandfather Ruby was a tailor in Chicago back in the 40's -60's. I have vague memories of the old machines in his shop. He always had suckers to give to the kids when they came in with their parents, including me of course.

  2. anytime you'd like to post the backs of the cards from Hungary, it wouldn't bother me any.