Friday, December 2, 2011

Something a Little Different

It's hard to be informed about everything important in America. Time must be spent on important endevours like researching two year old football card sets, keeping up with the activities of old high school acquaintances on facebook, sifting through an old shoe-box labeled "BASEBALL MISH-MASH", watching a game between two unmitigated disasters on the NFL Network,  and other assorted "wastes of time".
Last night, I was watching the Daily Show. The following clip is hilarious, maddening, enlightening, frustrating, genius, and an example of what's wrong with the government/media complex in America. How something like this can be more or less swept under the rug, while Kardashian b.s. get's headlines amazes me to no end.

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Now, I'm off to work another 10 hour day, so I can pay my taxes, and hopefully have a little left over for Christmas gifts.

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