Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The NBA Still Blows, but These Cards Are Sweet

1990 was the hey-day of the Detroit Pistons Bad Boy era. The NBA was still  legit to me. 1990 was also the hey-day of mass produced sports cards... the "Junk Wax" era.
Sifting through one of my old shoe boxes labeled HOOPS CARDS for yesterdays post, I discovered these 1990 Skybox cards.
The colors pop off the cards. The gold border was a nice frame to the colorful main body.
These two cards feature Larry Bird as a sideshow.
 These two have Bill Laimbeer and AC Green playing some mean defense. Smrek makes me smile. Smrek.
 Manute was the original Yao (without the talent). 7'7" tall and 225 lbs. Read that again.
 Dan Majerle was a star from Central Michigan U. "Fat" Lever had a phat nickname. I hate Reggie Miller.
The backs were half image. A few lines of stats. 
Although I think the NBA, in it's current condition, blows huge chunks, I can appreciate the history and great looking cards like these.


  1. I LOVED that set! You've got to remember...there weren't really any CGI backgrounds on cards before that. They were always just photo shots before. So these were ground-breaking even though you can pick them up on the super-cheap now.

  2. I prefer the next year of Skybox. The white backgrounds w/ the crazy vivid colored shapes really pops. These aren't half bad either.

  3. Reading this makes me want to buy a whole box. I'd actually know most of the players, unlike the current NBA.