Friday, December 30, 2011

The Kindness of a Fellow Blogger

I was out sick earlier this week. Perhaps that had something to do with my anti-NBA rant. I was feeling lightheaded. Hopefully, I didn't agree to any crazy trades on Monday or Tuesday.
Fellow blogger, long time Fantasy Football and Baseball competitor of mine, and all-around good guy, Greg from Wolverine Musings, stopped by the sewing center Tuesday with a couple of cards for me. I was home sipping hot toddies, so he left the cards with the sewingmachinegal. They made it home that evening.
Greg and I didn't have a trade worked out. I wasn't expecting cards. Apparently, this was payback for a couple of cards I spotted him months ago. Who keeps track of such things? Greg does, and that's solid.
2005 UD Past Time Pennants Willie Horton Auto (on card)
 2011 Topps Game Day Titus Young Auto
Thanks for the cards buddy.


  1. I like that Pastime Pennants set. even the base cards are good. That is on card too, nice.

  2. you're very welcome!...glad you're feeling better to ring in the New Year!!! A Happy New Year to you and the family!!