Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Not Really a Big Deal Anymore

So N.L. MVP Ryan Braun tested positive for some performance enhancing drug. Big deal. Five years ago, I would have been outraged. Outraged I tell you! "These cheaters are denigrating the integrity of the national past time", I would have said. Ya know what, I don't care. It does not matter.
So Braun misses a couple of months next season. They're not going to give the MVP award to Kemp now, are they? They can't take back the play off run and post season that he helped deliver. Brewer fans would have injected him themselves if they could have guaranteed a long awaited play off spot. We all would have.
I would not be surprised to hear that my guy Verlander was using some mysterious bionic pill last season. He sure performed like he was super-human.
Just so you know, when one takes too much hgh, 'roids, cream or clear, one develops maladies.
2006 Upper Deck #186
*The author makes no claim that Alex Gonzalez ever used 'the cream' on his glove hand. But! He did just sign with Milwaukee...

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  1. As for his compatriot there, excessive body hair is another side-effect...