Monday, December 5, 2011

It Was One of THOSE Days

This was no ordinary Monday...
Every so often, I have a day of life, and collecting that seems as though all of the stars have aligned properly.
I arrived home from a long day at work to find the sewingmachinegal and sewingmachinekid in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on a gourmet meal. The house smelled delicious. Glazed pork chops, sauteed kale, and baked sweet potatoes. We sat at the dining room table and enjoyed the meal and each other's company. In our rat-race lifestyle, we rarely get to (or make time for) a sit down meal at the table. Usually, it's quick chow at the coffee table in the living room with a rerun of 30 Rock. I'm working on talking throaty cool like Jack Donaghy.
After dinner, I opened the mail. There were two packages for me. The first was a get from an eBay seller. What do I mean? Well, the card I snagged was up for auction until I offered the seller a deal to end the auction early. He accepted. It was a gamble on my end, considering the guy has a sketchy feedback rating. I sent the guy $40 bucks with no guarantee that I would get my card. He delivered.
2008 UD Masterpieces Silver #04/25
Now all I need is the Gold /10, Light Blue /5, and Pinot Red /1. Yeah, that's going to be tough.
The next package was a 8.5"X11" bubble mailer from Georgia. I had worked out a deal with the Junkie for some vintage Detroit Tigers (my collection was lacking in old musty smelling cards). "Why am I getting this mongo envelope?" I thought.
An original sketch card of Al Kaline. The 1954 Topps Kaline. Absolutely beautiful.

Check out the size of this bad boy compared to a regular '54!
The rest of the vintage goodness...
 Not vintage, but vintage looking, a couple of needs from my 2011 Heritage want list. 
 '50, '51, and '52 Bowmans. 
 Some beautiful landscaped cards. The 1955 Bowman T.V. cards are always interesting to me. That must have been really futuristic back then.
 My one and only 1952 Topps. Detroit Tiger Marlin Stuart.
 Check out that awesome logo.
After a while, I checked out the blog roll over to the right. Thorzul had a video up from the December Mega Break. The headline was something like, "Better Get a Sweat Sock!".
I had the Tigers, and was rewarded with an awesome card. That's not the reason to watch though. Head over there and see a sweet Babe Ruth card pulled from a pack.

See... even a Monday can be a great day. Peace.


  1. Everyone should have a great day once in awhile. Congrats!

  2. Am I the only one that wanted pictures of the pork chops, kale and sweet potatoes?

  3. the! Just, wow! I need to get hooked up with the Junkie.

    I'm talking about cardboard. Stay off the drugs, kids.