Friday, December 16, 2011

"He Has Plumber's Crack on His face!"

One of the kids next door is a Big Papi fan. For Christmas, I made him one of those baseball card frame things from JoAnn Fabrics full of Big Papi's.
As you can see, it has slots for 20 cards. It was fun digging through boxes looking for this 'roid scrub from Bahston. I found lot's of fodder for future posts.
There were a few cards that didn't make the cut. One was the 2009 Topps 206.
"He has a butt-chin! It looks like he has plumber's crack... on his face!", said the sewingmachinegal.
A smaller version of this image did make its way into the frame. The 2008 Allen & Ginter's card uses the same image.

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  1. Great post... your neighbor is gonna love it.