Sunday, December 18, 2011

Card Show Recap

I had 15 minutes yesterday to stop by a sports card show. The show was held at the Rivertown Sports Complex. This place holds roller derby events, low-class MMA events, roller-hockey, dodgeball, and other stuff. I will say this about the place; the superintendent of maintenance needs to be fired. Or maybe there isn't one. I get that the place is designed to host amateur sporting events, and doesn't need to be a palace, but it should be heated, swept, and a window washed occasionally. I heard many dealers complaining that they were freezing. At first, I was wondering what was so bad about the coolness of the building, but then after being there for 15 minutes, I was ready to leave. I was chilled.
this show was organized by a guy named Jeff. He's a local legend in the West Michigan sports card world. He used to work at the oldest and most well known shop, Legends Sports & Games. About a year ago, he was no longer with the company. I don't know why, and don't really care. The guy still has some connections, because he was able to get a celebrity athlete to do an autograph signing.
Here is a picture of, ehem, Detroit Tiger legend, Dan Petry (w/l 125-104). Only the most die-hard Tiger fan would appreciate this signing. I didn't wait around or feel like paying for this autograph.
I was able to snag three 2011 Heritage short-prints for my almost completed set.

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  1. Wait...they were CHARGING for Dan Petry??

    Less than $2.50, I hope?

    Apparently he also signs in hospital cafeterias: