Sunday, November 27, 2011

Times Have Changed

I was sifting through some football cards today. This 1993 Classic Four Sport card of Marvin Jones caught my eye. "Limited Print" is stamped in gold on the left side. "An old serial numbered card!", I thought to myself.
Check the lower right corner. 1 of 63,400. SIXTY THREE THOUSAND. They made so dang many of these, that they just called it one of them. How many millions of these did they make, that serial numbering one to 63,400 was some kind of 'special' card to get?
I also spotted this 2006 Score Marcus Pollard. It didn't catch my eye because he was a Lion. He caught my eye because he and his wife are contestants on this seasons Amazing Race on CBS. I flipped the card over and saw that it was serial numbered. 14/750. Not very low, but compared to 1 of 63,400 it's ultra rare.

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  1. Funny how time changes our perspective on things. Great post!