Saturday, November 5, 2011

Set for Sale

Although I hate to do it, I must try and sell the 2006 Artifacts Auto-Facts set. At 89 cards strong, it's a doozy!
Hit me with an offer if you're interested.


  1. Nice set ! I'd be interested in the Tribe guys if you get enough interest to break it into teams.

  2. Some nice Twins cards in that (partial) set

  3. Holy smokes... say it isn't so. This set is amazing. There are some sweet names in this set. I would have no idea what a fair offer is, but f there's a price you have in mind, shoot me a message.

  4. Great set. Echoing Baseball Dad, if you go that route, I'd definitely be interested in the Reds and Tigers and Andre Dawson.

    Good luck, though, selling the whole set as I'm guessing that's the route you prefer.


  5. Sorry to hear you're selling it. It looks great all together like that.