Saturday, November 26, 2011

20% Off at Meijer Today Only!

I know some people think retail is lame. Sure the odds are longer against getting a big hit, but for many collectors, reatil is the only way to walk in somewhere and pick up packs to bust.
One of our major regional big box stores, Meijer, is having a sale on cards today. Today only.
No, I didn't get a blaster of Lineage. I grabbed a rackie of Chrome football for $7.19.


  1. Retail rules! Ok, maybe not all the time, but like you said, it's the only option sometime.

  2. "All Beckett trading cards"??????????????

  3. There's a distributor of cards called "Beckett Associates" You can see a bit about them at Basically, they are the guys that put cards in the Targets, Wal-Marts, and Dollar Tree's of the US.