Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Night Football

For the first time since Joey "Blueskies" Harrington was under center for the Lions, they play a Monday Night football game.
2010 Topps triple Threads #05/36
During the pre-season, many experts said, "if Stafford stays healthy, the Lions could be a .500 team." Things have gone way better than expected. Honestly, I would have been happy with a 2-2 record after four games. The last decade of Millen woe has been so bad, that a .500 record would seem great.
The Lions have been relatively healthy this season. They get back 1st round pick Nick Fairley tonight, who's been out since early in camp with a foot.
Calvin Johnson has a chance to break Chris "Mouth" Carter's record of catching at least two td's in consecutive games. Johnson tied Mouth at 4 games last week.
Prediction; Lions 27 - Bears 21
I only wish Hank Williams Jr. was able to do the open. Stupid pc police. Williams wouldn't have been canned if he said, "Boehner and Obama playing golf is like cats and dogs golfing." Wait, maybe some ultra-sensitive type would not like Obama being called a pussy or a bitch.
Prediction; Kid Rock sings the new "Are You Ready For Some Football!" open.

I'll get to the Tiger's demise later. Peace.


  1. You're probably right-- but Go Bears!

  2. when was the last time the Lions were favoured on MNF?

    PC is going to be the death of us all.

    Barry Sanders opens up MNF with a little soft shoe and some light jazz.

  3. While I'd love to see the Lions win tonight, the guy I'm playing in fantasy has Stafford so I hope he doesn't have too good a night. On the flip side I have Pettigrew & Burleson. Game on!

  4. Thank you for hopefully getting the ball rolling on a total regime change for my Bears. The Lions embarrassed them tonight in all phases of the game. Best and Megatron were beasts tonight.

    So, still think Cutler is a "pussy"? He takes these kinds of beatings week in and week out and still gets up and does what he can to make a play. It's a shame he has no o-line or any real WR's and a slighty above average RB.

    Thanksgiving should be fun with the Lions and Packers!

  5. Martz is definitely a problem. When he was here, Kitna regularly took severe beatings. As for Cutler, he's a tough guy, but pulling out of the championship game last year was unacceptable.

  6. Even just reading the name Millen made me shiver