Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cards From My "Secret Stash"

Over the course of the past couple of months, I have built a nice little stack of cards on my desk.. at work! Yup, I can't help my collecting "Jones", even at work. Our sewing store is two blocks away from a Meijer (regional big box store). If I have to run to Meijer for anything work related, I find myself in the toy department. Not because  am a creepy old guy, because that's where the sports cards are. Although, I do get a look occasionally from a do-gooder type, "What's that guy doing here? I better keep an eye on my little Susie."
Anyway, my recent pick ups have all been football cards. A sampling below. Have a great Sunday everyone.

 2011 Topps Mini's


  1. Seeing #21 suit up for the Packers is a treat. He's even able to make 2011 Prestige look good ;-)

  2. No doubt Fooj. Woodson is one of those guys that looks cool no matte what uniform or card he adorns. As for prestige... brutal design. The goal post design is horrid.