Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sacoo Was a No-Show

A week or so ago, I had a random drawing for free baseball cards. The first place winner was some dude named sacoo. I messaged him and have not heard squat from him. That means that the 2nd place winner, Ryan Cracknell gets first choice, Robert Mitchell gets second choice, and the Collective Troll himself now gets the left over card.
On an unrelated note...
I have been keeping track of Joe Collectors efforts to collect every UD Masterpieces card ever created. While viewing the goodness that was Masterpieces, I have seen a few cards of my favorite players that I must have. Today this beauty hit my mail box.
It's numbered 142/150, but that's not the best thing about the card. Notice Singletary flopping around on the turf in the background. 
I'm looking to trade for any of these Barry Masterpieces as this is my first.
And on a totally unrelated note. Here is a video of my week two attempt at the "Flying Squirrel" push-up. I'm going to nail this thing by years end if it kills me!


  1. Hey, I believe the dude 'sacoo' is me, the guy that does The Greatest 21 Days blog. Not sure why that doesn't show up. Anyway, maybe I'll be quicker next time.

  2. just for the record, my concurrent challenge to not do any pushups this year is still going. I'm holding strong at 0.