Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jason Hanson Is Great

I was sifting through an old box of early 90's football cards looking for a Jason Hanson card. I found this...
1991 Pro Line Eric Martin
I was briefly stunned. I couldn't avert my eyes from his sexiness for a time! How did Martin Ok this?
1992 Classic Draft Picks Jason Hanson
Jason Hanson today broke Bruce Matthews all-time NFL record by playing in his 297th game for the same franchise. Hanson is the 7th leading scorer in the history of the league. He banged a 51 yarder today too. Congrats Jason. You're great!
The Lions are 2-0. The Tigers are heading for the playoffs. I am a happy fan.


  1. I think they told Martin "Either we use this picture or the one of you in the Zubaz pants."

  2. Thanks for this post. I included it in my September 2011 "Month in Review."