Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Had Hopes...

Remember a few weeks ago, I was crying about missing out on a 2010 Topps Magic Dez Bryant relic #'d/25?
After failing to snag the card on eBay, I made quite an effort to find the identity of the buyer. I kept watch of the sellers feedback waiting for the buyer to leave feedback. Days passed and nothing. Then it happened, he left feedback. From there, it was pretty easy to contact the buyer. I sent him a message asking if he'd be willing to flip it to me and double his money. Know what he said? "I need it for my Relics set. I've been building it for 6 months, have seen your blog, and knew I had better jump on it when I did. Sorry. If I ever decide to throw in the towel on the set, I'll let you know"
Cue the Price is Right Fail music. 
A few days later dude contacts me. "I've got some Kimballs you need. Hit me with your address, and they're yours."
Who am I to turn down cards? Free cards from my want lists nonetheless.
These showed up today.

Beautiful Kimballs. These could have been a set unto themselves.
They were properly packed in top-loaders.
They had a rigid cardboard protector too...
I had hopes. I really did.
Thanks for the cards Jeff.


  1. This is a cool story. I've thought about contacting a buyer on some last second loses but I wasn't sure if that was entering stalker territory. Glad to see it worked out for you.

    I hope you get the Dez so you're one step closer to getting this set finished. It's been fun following your progress and can't wait for the "set complete" post.

  2. Haha that's really cool. Consolation prize but that ain't a bad thing. Good luck to him? I guess? lol.

  3. Ouch. I guess that's one danger of everyone knowing your after something! I'll check my LCS to see if he has one. You never know since I'm near Dallas.