Monday, September 26, 2011

A Few Words About the Detroit Lions

The FIRST place Detroit Lions!
It might not seem like much to the rest of the NFL world out there, but the Lions hot start is a huge relief. The Lions ended last season with a four game winning streak. There were doubters about the quality of the wins. A pre-season 4-0 was met with a lot of, "it's pre-season. It doesn't matter." There were high hopes and somewhat high expectations for my team. All we heard was, "if Stafford stays healthy, they have a chance to be a good team." Stafford is tied for the league lead in touchdown passes. His main man Calvin Johnson has 6 TD's.
2008 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas #CC6
The Lions are 3-0. They have not been 3-0 since Billy Sims rookie year of 1980. The Lions travel to Dallas next week, and follow that up with a Monday Nighter against Da Bears. 
After the Millen decade of woe, this season has a good feel to it.


  1. my Cowboys have so many injuries right now, rumour has it that I'm starting at wideout AND corner next week.

    I may hold for kicks too.... we'll see.

  2. Bills are 3-0, too. They're actually getting me to watch football again.

    Now that's an accomplishment.

  3. I'm happy to see the Lions off to a great start...same goes for the Bills. Heck, my Panthers have already got half the wins by week 3 as they had all of last season! Things are indeed looking up!

  4. I'm a Bears fan and someone that believed if Stafford could stay healthy the Lions would give the Packers a run for the division. They should be getting Fairley back soon, which should make them even better.