Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One of the Original SMG's

Thanks to Spankee over at My Cardboard Mistress for the heads-up about these Elias Howe cards.
First up; a 1952 Topps Look 'n See #75. I snagged this card from eBay for $10 bucks shipped.
There is a great write up over at Trading Card Hobbyist about this set.
An interesting fact about this set, ripped directly from them; Look 'n See had been a clear sales winner for Topps.  One feature of the set that hooked kids into spending their pennies were the hidden answers located on the backs.  A question followed each card subject's mini-biography.  For example, "For what famous type of painting is Rembrandt most famous?"  A strip of red cellophane included in each pack could be placed over the back to reveal the response.  The cellophane cancelled out the back's bright orange color, along with obliterating the accompanying narrative.  To a youngster, the process was magic. Also, the Babe Ruth from this set will set you back over a hundy easily.
 Next up a 1911 T68 Men of History Royal Bengals Little Cigars. This is now the oldest card in my collection. It set me back $10.95. Again, an eBay score.
 There's not too much historical info available about this set. I did find a checklist over at According to them, there are 100 cards in the set. U.S. Grant, Bonaparte, Stonewall Jackson, Joan of Arc, Nathan Hale, Boone, Revere, and many more grace the awesome checklist.
The two cards side by side reveal the size discrepancy.
Now, if only I could find an Isaac Singer card...


  1. That's awesome that you actually bought them. I've been looking for a reason to collect something old like that. I would say those fit perfectly for you. It doesn't hurt that they are some sweet looking cards. Elias looks especially badass in the '52

  2. This is awesome. The only place I'd ever seen this trick with the card back is 1960-61 Topps hockey.

    I had to pick up a couple of these.