Monday, August 1, 2011

I Tell People I Collect Baseball Cards

I don't hide the fact that I am a nerd. I collect little scraps of cardboard. Some people collect tea pots, record albums, dvd's, or any other thing.
Some people sit for hours and play video games.... nerds. I sit for hours and watch men play baseball... nerd. We're the same. I tell everyone I know that I collect pictures of men. I stole that saying from this blog.
A couple of weeks ago, one of my workers asked me if a friend of his could bring some cards by the shop for me to look at. "She told me she has old cards in a shoe box, and wants to know if they're worth anything.", he said.
"Sure, no problem. I like cards.", I replied
Here is the box. My first thought was, this does not look old.
I open the box, and this big happy mug is smiling back at me. "I thought you said you had old cards.", I thought to myself.

1988 Donruss is "old" if you're 20-something.
So not every "Hey I have some cards in a box" story pans out like the recent cigar box find.
I will continue to tell people of my nerdiness, just like the guy that tells of his new chrome valve covers, or the guy that tells about his new Rapala crankbait.
We're the same.


  1. My rule of thumb is that it is not old if it is younger than me. I 1983 = old, 1984 = not old. I just used equal signs (...nerd)

  2. Hey man, I'm 30, and '88 Topps is old to me.

    I wonder where the line is drawn on this issue? Is it all relative? Are 2006 cards old to a 5 year old? I think the answer is yes.

  3. I do Spankee's rule too. 1985 and up = old, everything more recent is new. And somehow my collection as a kid mirrored exactly that even though I didn't really collect until the early 90's. Tons of cards starting with 1987, and enough 1986 cards to satisfy me. 1985 cards? Maybe 2 or 3. Them fuckers were old!

  4. My own rule of thumb, if the card came with bubble gum - it isn't old.

  5. I'm a nerd too... and proud of it. It's important that us nerds stick together!