Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Gave Lineage Another Shot

I was at my favorite little card shop today. I picked up a few more Vintage top-loaders. There was a box of Topps Lineage on the counter. $5 bucks a pack. 8 cards per pack. I really hate spending $5 bucks on a pack of cards. I am not a cheapskate, but $5 bucks seems to hurt a little. Iv'e seen some cool looking cards come out of Lineage, but $5 bucks, damn!
Although the checklist is great, the look and feel of the card is like that of a regular Topps issue. There's nothing special about this set. It looks like a money grab to me. Many of these cards could have been inserts in another life.
OK, onto the one $5 dollar pack.
 A couple of All-Stars.
 The biggest bust in the history of free-agency. Couldn't have happened to a better organization.
 A couple of imports. There's something about pulling an Ichiro that feels like a win to me. Even if it's just a base card.
Be Home Blyleven and Sisler. I do like getting the occasional legend in my packs.

So there you have it. You're still here? OK. Just for making it this far, I will show off a card from the cigar box.
Thanks for checking in. Peace.


  1. if you ever get tired of looking at that Kimbrel... let me know.

  2. Seems like Topps should have just skipped Lineage altogether and used the design for the 2012 base set.

  3. The Sisler is nice. The colorizing works for me.

  4. I bought my first packs of Lineage today. It'll be a couple days before I post about it, but I agree with your asessment.

    Captain, wait til you see, it was a Braves bonanza.

  5. I'm just really not feeling the lineage set. I haven't seen any in person, but I'm just not sold. I like the old-school rookie trophy, but it looks terrible on thaat card. The style just doesn't work with the somewhat tech style of the base cards.

  6. 1+ Jason. I just don't get this set, why?