Friday, August 26, 2011

Billy Sims Was Awesome

1992 Pro Set #349
Before there was #20 Barry Sanders, there was #20 Billy Sims.

The winner of the 1978 Heisman Trophy, Sims was the first overall pick of the 1980 NFL draft. The Lions had a star. Sims was named to the Pro Bowl in '80, '81, and '82. A horrible knee injury in 1984 ended his career.
1981 Topps #100
Growing up, I was a fan of Billy, and Earl Campbell. I liked guys that ran with a punishing style. Even though Walter Payton played for the Bears, I liked him too.
2011 Goodwin Champions #A-BS
Although Sims had many "issues" after his playing days were over, he is still beloved by Lions fans. 


  1. I never knew who Billy Sims was until a few weeks ago. I was looking to trade a high end card and checking people's photo buckets and saw a sweet "Barry Sanders" relic that someone seemed to have mislabeled Billy Sims. A quick google search later and I was in awe.

    Did Barry's 20 have anything to do with Billy's 20 btw? Or was that just coincidental?

  2. Billy Sims is and was awesome! He's a fan favorite around Norman. He owns a few restaurants in Oklahoma and is a pretty laid back guy around fans. He signed a photo once for my mom. Nice guy. The only connection that Barry and Billy have that I know of is they both played college ball in OK. Barry at OSU and Billy at OU.