Monday, August 15, 2011

'75 Mini Relics... Something's Gotta Give!

Yeah, this Hank is mine now. I kind of splurged on it (just over $30 bucks shipped).
I'm not "officially" all in with this set. I am pissed at Topps for a couple of reasons now. The lame ass set information put out about Lineage, and the Topps-opoly. How can I even think about collecting a 90 card relic set without knowing more about the odds in pulling a relic from Group A, Group B, and now, I think there's a Group C! 
These two were .99 cent snags. They ended up costing me something like $3 bucks shipped.
Dear Topps, For the love of all that's good and wholesome in the world, can you please put out some dang set info on lineage?


  1. That Aaron is sexy. You have good taste in sets to build good sir.

  2. Thanks to the one per blaster relics you should have an easier time finding some of the cards should you take on the task. I've been hearing the Dan Uggla relic card for instance is a "SP"

  3. As much as I love '75 minis and the Lineage '75 minis, the relic look doesn't do it for me.

    It looks like the '75 mini got a boo-boo, and is wearing a bandage.

  4. I like the Ethier one, the purple/green combo on '75s was always my favorite. The Aaron is a great picture, but I feel like the cloth patch distracts in that one.

  5. i have a jayson Werth if interested 3 shipped