Sunday, July 17, 2011

Penalty Kicks?

And soccer wonders why soccer isn't more popular...
That's why.


  1. The real question is why they have to play TWO 15 minute OTs. Why shouldn't the game end when one team scores in OT first? "The world" can have its stupid game back, I prefer REAL football...

  2. If a baseball game goes past the 12th inning, I propose having a HR Derby. Each team's batting practice pitcher goes up against the top 3 sluggers from the opposing team. If the game is still tied after that, then the manager's play checkers!

  3. I don't mind the 30 minute OT but if it's still tied after that it should be sudden death, no stupid shoot out. Play the game til it ends with a normal goal.

  4. Real football? I like a good football game but most American fiotball players would DIE on The pitch. Because you have to run all the time. But go ahead and be all Mariotti about it. My daughters and I loved the game.

    At least soccer gives us mercy. There us no way yOu can keep playing in the summer ad infinitum.

  5. Well, "real" football has its stupid extra time/OT rules, too (especially college football), so I don't like that comparison.

    But I definitely prefer the play-til-it's-over-instead-of-inventing-a-new-game-to-determine-a-winner technique.

  6. To add to my point. You can play baseball in the heat because you don't do much. You have to have some resolution else there could be heatstroke potential. In American Football no one plays the entire game and you don't constantly run.

    They used to not have shootouts, and they used to have sudden death. They also used to call baseball games on account of darkness or because a team had to catch a train.

  7. Smed, just as a note, it was like 70 deg F at the game, I believe.

    As for my opinion, I say 10 minute intervals until someone is winning at the end of an interval. A shootout is just a joke. A shootout has an extremely low talent requirement. In 120 minutes, 4 goals were scored. In the shootout, 4 goals were scored. How does that make any sense.

  8. Spankee, point taken on that specific game. But not on the concept. Today, they cancelled games at the huge youth tournament in Blaine because the heat index was 110.

    They could tinker with the rules a bit to avoid the shootout, but you MUST admit the drama was intense during the shootout. All of us internet-stained wretches and Mariotti-wanna-be's tend to miss the DRAMA for wanting the 'pure game'.

    BTW, you want outrage? Three World Series games ended in ties (well, at least what MLB recognizes as the World Series). So the holy and mighty baseball couldn't get a decision on three of it's premier events, and one of those (1912) went to the ultimate game.

    Then there's the 1885 Series, where one game as a tie and another a forfeit. So lay off this shootout and enjoy the drama and the spectacle.

    What happens if a World Series game is tied a 2-2 and the curfew is reached?