Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Inge Era is Over (For Now)

Long time fan favorite, and regular punching bag here, Brandon Inge has accepted an assignment to AAA Toledo to make room for new Tiger third baseman Wilson Betemit.
Inge has not had a hit or walk since July 3rd. He had been kicked down to 9th in the line-up. Ya know, where pitchers usually bat. A move had to be made.
Bob Wojnowski of the Detroit News breaks down the mechanics of the move here.
The Tiger's had to dump Inge somehow, some way. He had gone from teflon "can't do anything wrong" guy to the target of vicious booing and heckling. He was even given a Bronx cheer for a pop-out the other day, because he has been so seldom making any contact.
The A.L. central is a 4 team race. 4 teams are bunched up only separated by 5 games. There is no time to wait for a guy to break out of a slump. With a 4 game series against the streaking Twins set to open tonight, it looks like the Tigers will now have a line-up that doesn't include an automatic out.

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  1. Was at the game Sunday. I think for years, 50% of the fans (mostly female) have absolutely loved him and were very vocal where the other 50% who did not like him were basically silent.

    That has completely changed. No support for him at the ballpark. Really none. I would never boo a Tiger but a lot people were.

    I am not sure it is a slump. I think he just might be done.